๐Ÿ’ผ Janitor

Career Description
A janitor is responsible for maintaining a clean, safe, and sanitary environment. They perform various tasks such as cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, operating and maintaining cleaning equipment, organizing and restocking supplies, following safety protocols, and managing inventory. Janitors often work independently or as part of a team to ensure facilities are kept in good condition. This job is known for its demand, as every building or facility needs janitorial services. It also offers a good work-life balance and opportunities for growth in the facilities management industry.
Hard Skills
cleaning maintenance organization sanitation equipment operation safety protocols inventory management
Soft Skills
attention to detail time management reliability adaptability teamwork
Relevant Educations
High School Diploma Vocational Training in Cleaning Services Certification in Facility Maintenance
Similar titles
Custodian Housekeeper Building Maintenance Worker
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