๐Ÿ’ผ Correctional Officer

Career Description
A correctional officer is responsible for maintaining order and security within a correctional facility. They enforce rules and regulations, conduct security inspections, and monitor inmate behavior. Correctional officers may also be responsible for escorting inmates to court appearances or medical appointments. This job requires physical fitness and the ability to handle potentially dangerous situations. It offers average work-life balance and has a steady demand in the future.
Hard Skills
security procedures emergency response weapons handling report writing physical fitness conflict resolution surveillance
Soft Skills
communication empathy problem solving teamwork stress management
Relevant Educations
Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Corrections
Similar titles
Police Officer Probation Officer Security Guard
Remote friendly
Work life balance
Career growth
Education Requirements
Stress level
Work environment
Introvert friendly
Austism friendly
Salary growth
Work hours
Standard Work Hours Overtime Expectations Irregular Schedules Flexibility
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