๐Ÿ’ผ Roofer Career Info

Career Description
A roofer is responsible for installing and repairing roofs on various types of buildings. They must have a strong knowledge of different roofing materials and be able to accurately measure and assess roof structures. Roofers should have good problem-solving skills and attention to detail to ensure the roofs are durable and watertight. This job can sometimes involve working at heights and in challenging weather conditions. Roofers often work in teams and need to have good teamwork and time management skills. Due to the demand for housing and building projects, there will likely be a continued need for roofers in the future. While the work can be physically demanding, it often offers a good work-life balance.
Hard Skills
roofing installation roofing repair roof inspection roofing material knowledge roofing safety procedures roofing tools and equipment roofing measurements
Soft Skills
attention to detail physical stamina time management problem-solving teamwork
Relevant Educations
High school diploma or GED Apprenticeship in roofing Certification in roofing installation
Similar titles
Carpenter Construction worker Building inspector
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