๐Ÿ’ผ Filing Clerk Career Info

Career Description
A filing clerk is responsible for organizing and maintaining physical and digital files in an efficient and secure manner. They ensure that documents are properly labeled, filed, and easily accessible. Filing clerks often work in offices or administrative settings where there is a need for systematic document management. In addition to managing files, they may also assist with data entry, recordkeeping, and file management tasks. The demand for filing clerks is expected to remain stable in the future, as organizations continue to rely on proper documentation and record keeping. Filing clerks typically enjoy a structured work environment and have good work-life balance.
Hard Skills
Organizational Skills Attention to Detail Time Management Computer Skills Data Entry Recordkeeping File Management
Soft Skills
Communication Skills Problem Solving Multitasking
Relevant Educations
High School Diploma Associate's Degree in Office Administration Certificate in Records Management
Similar titles
Data Entry Clerk Administrative Assistant Office Clerk
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